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Joe Mattalo Entertainment

Keeping Country, "Country"


Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Joe Mattalo is one of the County’s true musical treasures! He began to play the guitar when he was only 8 years old. In later years he was overheard saying “his guitar had taught him to sing”. 

After joining the Canadian Armed Forces and was stationed over in Germany. Joe found himself playing and singing during most of his free time and was soon approached by; Juegen Goetz, who became his event promoter and good friend. Juergen hired Joe to play at a local venue called " Nacht der Legenden" where he played for more than 3,000 people. Joe was contacted by a local radio station SWF3 and was booked at the Daytona Europe concert in 1993 and played for a crowd of 60,000+. 

Critics in Germany have hailed Joe as a classic Country singer of the first order and one of Country music’s most elite entertainers.  Joe Mattalo's stature is easily gauged. He had a No. 18 charted song on the independent European country charts, one of the most played singles to his credit; he maintains a front-and-center presence with a busy schedule year after year.

Country music critics and fans alike need look no further when it comes to traditional Country music with just a small modern twist. In a creative forum that sometimes confuses style with substance, Joe Mattalo possesses both. Remaining true to himself as a traditional country artist, while keeping the pace with the ever-changing country recording landscape, Joe Mattalo has a knack for picking great songs, delivering them with world-class style and heart-felt emotion that’s lived-in.

With a trademark voice, Joe has set the bar for his generation and those that follow in his footsteps shaping the music of today’s country music newcomers and the new country music format.